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গুগল প্লে স্টোর গিয়ে " Boighor by chorui লিখে সার্চ দিন
এন্ড্রোয়েড অ্যাপ্লিকেশনে এখানের সব বই মোবাইল স্ক্রিনে পেতেঃ
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রবিবার, ১ এপ্রিল, ২০১২

postheadericon Phonetics Basic

 Phonemic Chart

PinIt’s a useful pin.
PenCan you give me a pen please?
PearLook at the green pear!
CapHe is wearing an old cap.
PassportOh heavens! I have lost my passport.
PoppyDo you like Poppy?
PencilYou must use pencil in IELTS exam.
PocketI don’t have much money in my pocket.
PublicDon’t smoke in public place.
PeopleThe people of our country are very polite.
BinIt’s a useful bin.
BearLook at the yellow bear.
BackpackersAre those people backpackers?
Birthday cardI’ve drawn a nice birthday card for you.
BeautifulOur country is so beautiful.
BobyDo you like Boby?
BoyHe is the first boy in our class.
BuyI have to buy a test paper.
BookAll the books are decorated nicely in the bookshelf.
BagPolythene bags are not allowed in our country.

Excuse me. Could you tell me the time, please?
Yes, It’s exactly twenty minutes to ten
Is there a trunk here?
What’s your telephone number?
Business goals and targets.
A general tariff was imposed in foreign imports.
Our first task is to set up a communication system.
The soup has very little taste
She teaches at our local school.
There is mounting tension along the border.
DrunkIs there a drunk outside?
DanceDaisy can dance well.
DrainDoes this drain smell?
RideHe was riding on a large black horse.
DryStore onions in a cool dry place.
DateWhat’s the date today?
DawnThey start work at dawn.
DayToday’s Sunday.
DhakaDhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
DrizzleIt was drizzling outside.
CatThe cat is a pet animal.
CuteLaura is looking so cute.
CoatIt’s a hairy coat.
ClassKate reads in class eight.
KeenJohn was very keen to help
KindWhat kind of house do you live in?
KingThe lion is the king of the jungle.
CapitalDhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
QuestionIf you have any question, you can ask me.
TaskIt’s your final task.
GetGet ready for the next match.
RugbyCan you play rugby?
DialogueRead the dialogue aloud.
GardenIt’s a big garden.
FogHas the fog gone?
GuyHe’s a big guy.
DogThere’s a big old dog in the garden.
SmogFog and smog are what we’ve got.
GroceryExcuse me. Is there a grocery store around there?
GatewayCould you tell me where the gateway of this market is?
FeelI’m feeling good now.
FarmHe showed me his farm.
FoldFold this paper.
FeetI like feet on the back.
FunnyThis is funny.
FoalIt’s got a little foal.
FeedbackI’d appreciate some feedback on my work.
FinishShe’s going to finish the task in a day.
FerryWe caught the ferry at Ostend.
FertilizerA bag of fertilizer.
They’re good vets.
Can they lift that van?
Jones won the vote.
Vine in the garden.
It’s a veil.
You are very late.
Vote is valuable.
A valid passport.
I’m sorry, we have no vacancies.
The weather was really vile most of the time.
SueThat Sue was amazing.
CIt’s pronounced C /si:/
SipSip it slowly.
ScreamStop screaming.
SisterShe is my sister.
SkyThe sky is looking so beautiful today.
SwimSam doesn’t know how to swim.
SaturdayThey will come back home on Saturday.
SunThe sun was just setting.
SuperviseI’ll supervise the work personally.
That zoo was amazing.
It’s pronounced Z /zi:/
I heard a buzz.
I want the big peas.
I got the first prize.
Zebra is the tallest animal of the world.
Zinc is helpful for teeth.
The sun rose towards its zenith.
I rated my chances as zero.
He had a great zest for life.
SheShe is the first girl in the class.
ShoeI like shoes.
ShipShip it carefully.
ShowHe won’t show it.
PushPush the door.
ShadowThe children were having fun, chasing each other’s shadows.
ShookShe shook her head in disbelief.
SugarDo you take sugar in your tea?
SureAre you sure you don’t mind?
ShamelessHe’s a shameless person.
AsiaBangladesh is in Asia.
LeisureWhat do you do in your leisure period?
MalaysiaMalaysia is a very beautiful country.
TelevisionTelevision is a good source of entertainment.
PleasureIt’s my pleasure to have you in my party.
UsuallyI usually drive my car.
DecisionI think you’ve taken the right decision.
VersionHave you downloaded the latest version of Yahoo messenger?
ComposureAt present Habib is the most famous composure in our country.
ConclusionA smart conclusion is needed to make a good presentation.
We like chips.
This is a cheap farm.
It’s a cherry trifle.
I’ll buy this chop.
I couldn’t catch it.
He’s watching the television.
He owns the butcher’s in the main street.
She’s gone to lunch.
What a charming name.
I lived in London as child.
The game begins in January.
It’s a jeep type of car.
Are you joking?
A land full of ridges.
I want a large tree.
Do I write age here?
I have just received your letter now.
He’s the manager of this office.
The bridge is broken.
He is very dangerous for us.
MouthWhat’s in your mouth?
ThinkHe’s thinking.
PathThere’s a mountain path.
ThickIt’s very thick.
ThreeI’ll be here within three months.
ThankThank you very much for your help.
SheathThe knife was hidden in a sheath.
ThirstHe’s got a thirst.
ThinA thin soup, please.
HearthI’d like a hearth.
ThanPink is taller than Jones.
TheyThey arrived there on time.
EitherI don’t know her sister either.
ThereSmith there’s his friends.
ClotheThe shop sign said ‘Clothing’
BreatheBreathe means air moving.
ScytheThat’s a large scythe.
TogetherWe grew up together.
OtherAre there any other questions?
LeatherThe soles are made of leather.
YolkThat’s a wonderful yolk.
UseI use Nokia n 73
YesYes, I know about it.
YearsHe sang over the years.
YoungHe is too young to do the task.
NewsHave you heard the news?
BeautifulYou’re looking so beautiful.
MusicDo you like music?
YesterdayI came here yesterday.
NewIs it new to you?
WeWe didn’t come before you.
WestThat’s the west.
WetHis face was wet with tears
WalkThe baby is just learning to walk.
WarmIt’s nice and warm in here.
WonderfulWe had a wonderful time last night.
White /waɪt/His hair was as white as snow.
WildA wild rabbit.
WearShe was wearing a new coat.
WearyHe closed his eyes wearily.
This is mine.
She loves her mummy.
Could you tell me the time please?
I’ll be there tomorrow at around 3 p. m.
Remember one thing, never tell a lie.
She makes her own cloths.
I’m getting late. I need to go home.
Did you meet the manager in the meeting?
His manner was polite but cool.
I come to the university in the morning.
NileThe Nile is very old.
NineThis is nine.
MoneyI need a lot of money for my new business.
ConeHe likes cone ice cream very much.
NameWhat’s your full name?
NorthI study in North South university.
GardenThere is a nice garden in front of the house.
OftenHow often do you go to your native town?
DownloadI don’t know how to download movies from internet.
ManagerPink is the manager of this company.
WingWhat a wing.
WrongWhat’s wrong with you?
ThingWhy this thing?
RangThey rang for an hour.
RungShe’s never rung before.
StrongHe’s very strong
InterestingThe movie was really very interesting.
SomethingI need to do something to develop my English skill.
WalkingWalking in the morning is good for health.
GettingWe are getting late.
LightSwitch on the light, please.
LowWe need low tables.
LineThat line is too long.
BillHave you paid the bill?
LicenseYou need a license key for the software.
LookLook. A boy. There’s a boy in the water.
LockDid you lock the door?
LiveWhere do you live?
LikeHe’s very like his father.
LanguageAll of us should learn English language.
WrongI got all the answers wrong.
RightI hope we’re doing the right thing.
RoadThe house is on a very busy road.
WriteHe’s writing a letter.
HurryWe’re always in a hurry.
RiseThe sun rises in the east.
RiskyA risky investment.
RiverA boat on the river.
FryI’d like to fry it.
GrassThe dry grass caught fire.
He always tries to help the poor.
The program was held in hotel 5 star.
I’m going to the hospital to visit my brother.
The speaker got a hostile reception from the audience.
It’s so hot today.
He went into the house.
My mother is a homemaker.
Two hundred taka please.
Give a big hand.
I’m the host of this show.

ShipThere are two restaurants on board ship
MillHe works in a mill.
HillI love walking in the hills ( = In the area where there are hills)
FillFill out the form, please.
FitI tried the dress on but it didn’t fit.
SheepLook out for that sheep
LeaveThey want to leave this place
TeaWould you like tea or coffee?
MealThanks for a delicious meal
PleasePlease sit down.
LookLook at the board.
PullDon’t pull so hard or you’ll break it.
FullShe could only nod, because her mouth was full.
BookHow many books can I borrow?
CookShe cooked lunch for me.
SchoolMy brother and I went to the same school.
PoolDoes the hotel have a pool?
FoolDon’t be such a fool.
MoonThere’s no moon tonight.
ToolDo you have the right tools for the job.
PenI need a pen.
DeskI left the file on your desk.
HelpCan you please help me?
BreakI didn’t mean to break the window.
TellDid She tell you her name?
PanRemove the pan from the heat and add the sugar.
ManHe’s a good looking young man.
BadI’m having really a bad day.
CancelAll classes have been cancelled because of hartal.
AxePut the axe here.
ShotThe man fired several shots from his pistol.
PotI’ll make a fresh pot of tea.
FoxLook at the fox.
SpotShe had a small beauty spot on the left side of her face.
DollA child is playing with a doll.
ShortHe had short curly hair.
PortThey reached port at last.
SportI’m not interested in sport.
BallThe player missed the ball.
CallWe call each other by our first names here.
AboutWhat are you talking about?
AgainCan you do it again?
AbroadI want to go abroad for higher studies.
AA glass of water.
AttentionI need your 100% attention.
CupCan I have a cup of tea, please?
HutThere’s a problem with my hut.
CutShe cut her finger on a piece of glass.
ComeWill you come tomorrow at -----
BunchShe picked me a bunch of flowers.
DarkIt was dark outside and I couldn’t see much.
HeartHe has broken my heart.
ParkWe went for a walk in the park.
CalmPlease calm down.
SmartLearn Phonetics, Be Smart!
HeardI’ve heard about this sort of thing before.
NurseShe is a nurse.
ThursdayWhat do you do on Thursdays?
BirdA bird is flying
TurnDon’t turn your anger on the children.
DayWhat day is it today?
AgeHe left the school at age of 16.
WaitI’ll wait outside until the class is over.
PaperI like reading news paper.
PainShe is clearly in a lot of pain.
BuyI can’t afford to buy a new car.
EyeThere were tears in his eyes.
FineShe is fine now.
HeightIt is almost two meters in height.
KiteIt is a kite
OilPut some oil in the car.
BoilWater boils at 100 degree C
CoinA five taka coin.
ToyThe children were playing happily with their toys.
NoiseDon’t make noise.
EarShe whispered something in his ear.
HereMay I sit here?
BeerAre you a beer drinker?
BeardHe has decided to grow a beard.
NearHis house is very near.
AirThe air isn’t good.
BearIt’s a sweet bear.
HairShe often wears her hair loose.
ChairsI need three chairs more.
ThereGo there.
PoorHe is a very poor man.
TourWe are going for a tour.
SureYou don’t sound very sure.
PureThese shirts are 100% pure cotton.
NowNow I’m going to school
CowIt’s the best cow.
HowHow did you do this?
TownThey live in a town
MouthOpen your mouth.
NoNo, don’t go there.
PhonePick up the phone
WokeI woke early.
FloatHe likes floating.
OpenOpen the door please.

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আপনারা সামান্য একটু সময় ব্যয় করে ,শুধু এক বার নিচের লিংকে ক্লিক করে এই কালেকশ গুলোর মধ্যে অবস্থিত বই ও সফটওয়্যার এর নাম সমূহের উপর চোখ বুলিয়ে 👓👀 নিন।”তাহলেই বুঝে যবেন কেন এই ফাইল গুলো আপনার কালেকশনে রাখা দরকার! আপনার আজকের এই ব্যয়কৃত সামান্য সময় ভবিষ্যতে আপনার অনেক কষ্ট লাঘব করবে ও আপনার অনেকে সময় বাঁচিয়ে দিবে।
বিশ্বাস করুন আর নাই করুনঃ-“বিভিন্ন ক্যাটাগরির এই কালেকশ গুলোর মধ্যে দেওয়া বাংলা ও ইংলিশ বই, সফটওয়্যার ও টিউটোরিয়াল এর কালেকশন দেখে আপনি হতবাক হয়ে যাবেন !”
আপনি যদি বর্তমানে কম্পিউটার ব্যবহার করেন ও ভবিষ্যতেও কম্পিউটার সাথে যুক্ত থাকবেন তাহলে এই ডিভিডি গুলো আপনার অবশ্যই আপনার কালেকশনে রাখা দরকার !
মোট কথা আপনাদের কম্পিউটারের বিভিন্ন সমস্যার চিরস্থায়ী সমাধান ও কম্পিউটারের জন্য প্রয়োজনীয় সব বই, সফটওয়্যার ও টিউটোরিয়াল এর সার্বিক সাপোর্ট দিতে আমার খুব কার্যকর একটা উদ্যোগ হচ্ছে এই ডিভিডি প্যাকেজ গুলো।আশা করি এই কালেকশন গুলো শিক্ষার্থীদের সকল জ্ঞানের চাহিদা পূরন করবে…!
আমার আসল উদ্দেশ্য হল, কম্পিউটার ও মোবাইল এইডেড লার্নিং ডিভিডি কার্যক্রম এর মাধ্যমে সফটওয়্যার, টিটোরিয়াল ও এইচডি কালার পিকচার নির্ভর ই-বু বা বইয়ের সহযোগিতায় শিক্ষাগ্রহন প্রক্রিয়াকে খুব সহজ ও আনন্দদায়ক করা।
এবং সকল স্টুডেন্ট ও টিচারকে কম্পিউটার ও মোবাইল প্রযুক্তির সম্পৃক্তকরণ এবং সকল শিক্ষার্থী ও শিক্ষকদের প্রযুক্তিবান্ধব করা এবং একটা বিষয় ক্লিয়ার করে বুঝিয়ে দেওয়া যে প্রযুক্তি শিক্ষাকে আনন্দদায়ক করে এবং জ্ঞান অর্জনের প্রতি আকর্ষণ বৃদ্ধি করে…
🎯 কালেকশ সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত 👀জানতেঃ নিচের লিংকে 👆ক্লিক করুন

এখানে👆 ক্লিক করুন

🎯 সুন্দর ভাবে বুঝার জন্য নিচের লিঙ্ক থেকে ই-বুক্টি ডাউনলোড করে নিন...
📥 ডাউনলোড 👆 লিংকঃ এখানে👆ক্লিক

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